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If what you are going to have is the peradontal scallings you won't be put under for those. They usually numb the area that they are going to scale. In some cases the Dr will prescribe Valium for nerves. Depending on the severity of the Tarter build up will determine how long it will take. The most common one I think is the quads. Thoes are done in 4 one hour sessions, and sometimes 2 two hour sessions. You will probably be tender aterwards and it is a good Idea to gargle with salt water. This scaling alot of times will tighten up the gums with time and after healing. Just a regular cleaning (the one the hygenists do every 6 months) wouldn't remove the tarter below the gums, where you have the problem, that is why they have do the "deep cleaning". Alot of people see good results with this, depending on how bad the perio is. (asuming that is what you are taking about)

As far as surgery goes, goes I am not too familiar with that.