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Thrombo, bless your heart, I know it is rough. Stopping Benzos is the hardest thing you will likely ever do in your life....worst of all drugs to kick and easiest to become addicted to. You are right about the taper. Based on all I have seen and read it is almost impossible to CT w/Benzos and the WDs are terrorizing. Your emotions rage out of control, your fears terrorize the hell out of you, and your reasoning/thinking ability just doesn't function right during Benzo detox....worst of all there is a risk of grand mall seizures, rare but real.

Here is what I learned during my Xanax detox, success with home detox is substantially increased if you do a bridge taper with switching from Xanax, a short acting benzo, to Valium, a longer acting benzo.....it smoothes out the taper and makes the peaks and valleys more tolerable. The shorter half-life of Xanax results in a feeling of being dropped off a cliff. The feeling is so intense, fearful, and awful that almost all abort detox from fear. Bridging the taper is the only way I could succeed, and even then it was the most horrible experience I have ever gone through. Benzo detox is so horrible that I am amazed the drug has been left on the market. I would never ever allow another doctor to prescribe it for me no matter what. I think most doctors just must not know how really bad it is. I learned about the bridging taper through Professor Heather Ashton's extensive published work online regarding benzo addiction and detox. Professor Ashton is affiliated with School of Neurosciences, Division of Psychiatry, The Royal Victoria Infirmary in England.