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Hi everyone

I have experienced several bouts of severe vertigo (the "spins") over the years with the initial attack lasting a few minutes to a few hours and the residual dizziness lasting anywhere from days to several weeks or longer. "We" believe that I either suffer from Meniere's Disease or BPPV (Benign Positional Paroxysimal Vertigo). I will be going to see an ENT and a Neuro soon and have already had an MRI w/contrast. My mother tells me that she has suffered from identical symptoms and also informs me that my brother suffers from these attacks as well. I am currently taking Antivert and Valium to try and get them under control but I was wondering the following since I'm trying to educate myself about this (sorry for all the questions and thank's for any help I can possably get here)...

1) How long do you dizzy/vertigo spells usually last?

2) How often do you get them?

3) When did you have your very last one?

4) Do you lose your balance or get wobbly when you have them?

5) Do you ever have ringing/roaring in your ears or suffer temporary hearing impairment before, during or after an attack?

6) Does anyone else in your family (immediate or otherwise) have these attacks as far as you know?

7) One of the more common symptoms of BPPV is something called "nystagmus". Nystagmus simply means that your eyes move rapidly to one side as your having an attack and generally in the direction of the affected side. Do you ever have any blurry/double vision or any movement at all during an attack or do your eyes feel "buggy" or different/strange in any way?.

8) Do you ever feel dazed, confused, foggy-headed or "out-of-it" during your recovery after an attack?.

9) Do you get the "spins" where you experience a severely intense sensation that your spinning, rotating or "falling" during an attack?.

10) Do you ever get sharp (but mild), intermittent pains on one side of your head or pains that alternate between sides?.

Thank's again - LT