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Hi, I would like to take a minute to let you know about UROD (ultra rapid detox). PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!! It is not only very dangerous (has killed more people then I wish to mention) and is NOT a tested or proven method to get you clean. It is not even FDA or Addictionologist Approved!
First and foremost all they do have you withdrawal and when you just can't stand it anymore they take you to a hospital and knock you out with high doses of Valium (if your lucky you go to the hospital.. most cases around DC you stay at a office to sweat it out and hope you wake up). They then shoot you up with a bus load of NARCAN..any junkies out there know what NARCAN does?? lol not a pretty site. Narcan basically blocks your opiate receptors and kicks out the opiates so that you go into immediate and very painful withdrawal (this is when most people die). When you wake up you feel like the worst withdrawal you can imagine times 10... so by the time they tell you to leave (which is usually only a few hours) you are so hopped up on Valium and sick from opiate withdrawal you can barely walk (read where they tell you that you have to have someone stay with you for 24 hours)... so by the time all of this wears off, OF COURSE YOU FEEL BETTER, your body isn't in toxic shock anymore and now you just plain feel like CRAP.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not do this! I am a RN (former, decided to stop after becoming a user) and have seen so many sad cases and heard so many stories of the things that happen in these "caring and loving Dr.'s offices"!)
Let me ask you, If you wanted off the SUBUTEX why didn't you have a slow taper done and let your Dr. give you meds to aid with the withdrawal Sx? Curious, I am doing the slow withdrawal from Suboxone now and am at .5 with 2 weeks to go..a bit scared.
Thanks. T