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remeron and citalopram are 2 antidepressant meds of different types, it sounds like the remeron isnt going to help you so doc is now trying the citalopram, presumably he will want you to eventually stop the remeron but docs have different ideas re these meds
xanax and klonapin are both valium type meds and help with anxiety and also help you to get used to an antidepressant
I would be asking doc about stopping all antidepressants foir a while to get them all out of your system, then starting the citalopram again later, the valium type meds will help on their own.
antidepressant meds often make panic disorder sufferers worse at first before hopefully helping later
don't take a valium, for your sake---resarch benzos on-line---if your hair is not white---it will be---people get pissed at my position on these drugs---{REMOVED}---you'll get my drift---the 'core' you is simply snuffed---but very subtle---you don't see damage, until you're sunk---and look back---