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Hi Comeandrelax,

You've basically described my state at the moment although presently any anxiety seems to be gone again and I have never had fears about going out or doing anything (but did in the very early days 2 years back). But the light-headed woozy head comes and goes and has done for 7 weeks now. And I bet you find that if you take valium, you feel a whole lot better even without anxiety. As Subs mentioned earlier, this thing can really "hose" cognitive function. And I reckon that anxiety - even the smallest amounts - can keep us trapped in it for quite some time. I think labs/VN leaves us with a highly sensitised central nervous system. Once the sensitisation drops to normal, everything else gets better with it much more quickly and might be why benzos and SSRIs fix the problem in many cases. But then I'm on an SSRI now and still waiting for things to normalise.

Anyway, the fact that your balance has recovered at 5 months is very good. Now you just have to eliminate the anxiety (time or drugs) and I think you'll see it all come to an end.