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Subs - great to hear you're still kicking along at 100%. Amazing that you never had any relapses after the 15/16 month mark and that everything just seemed to lock into place for you. Sure wish that would happen for me and stay there! No doubt your perseverance with exercise and the MEP is keeping you out of trouble. With all that walking you'll avoid the the metabolic syndrome too. Good job.

As for me crawling out of this hole, it's really been 2 steps forward and another back - about 8 weeks now and still getting hit with disorientation and dysequlibrium. The relentless viral attacks are like dragging a ball and chain around. I never seem to get ahead. And today, I feel the symptoms of a cold coming on. I've been free of colds for 2 years and of course one chooses to descend on me in the last month of this write up. I have to say I'm nervous about what a cold will do to me on the symptoms front. Hopefull it'll be no worse than a herpes attack. But I am hoping like hell I don't get dropped into some cognitive panic-stricken meltdown for a week. I can't afford to miss a single day at the moment.

Star - MS causes gradual destruction of myelin (demyelination) and transection of neural axons in patches throughout the brain and spinal cord, causing various symptoms depending upon which signals are interrupted. The name multiple sclerosis refers to the multiple scars (or scleroses) on the myelin sheaths. MS results from attacks by an individual's immune system on the nervous system and is categorised as an autoimmune disease.

This is not to be confused with what they propose VN does. I cannot get the full article here at the uni but I'd say VN "hoses" the vestibular nerve and probably wrecks the myelin sheath in some cases. However, it sounds like the myelin may regenerate in some cases but I'm not sure.

Gloria - good point about MRI not picking this up. I don't have an answer for that. MRI shows areas of demyelination as bright lesions in MS patients. Perhaps they saw this in the study. I cannot see how this could ever lead to MS when MS is an autoimmune issue and VN is mainly viral.

Sheri - my sleep is good and bad at the moment. No anxiety per se but I still get set off in the night by herpes attacks etc. I managed to stop stressing about the thesis and now that the writing is on target, I am calm thank God. Occasionally though, I'll knock back some valium if things are too rough but no more than 2-3 times per week max. Ativan is out for me as it produced rebound anxiety. Sorry to hear your still having a rough time sleeping. It can be a real nightmare. I also re-read Claire Weekes book on dealing with anxiety when it comes. It is a fab read and reminds you that you are not the anxiety. I basically ignore it 99% of the time and, after a while, the change starts to show up in your physiology as feeling more relaxed. But it takes time nor is it easy - no question there.

I've got until March 31 to hand this mother in! If i make it through this vestibular madness a healthboard party is on! :jester:

Take care all...Scott

ps. good luck with the baby Howie