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Gina and Oandes, that is great if y'all can do this together and help support each other through it...the rest of us will be here to support and encourage you both. You will not be alone. Y'all have so many great things in common together that ya need to rid yourselves of this one negative thing....for your children if nothing else.

I can tell ya both something that I hope will encourage you further, not that you aren't encouraged enough already...but here goes and y'all need to really think about what I am about to say about the memory you give and leave with your children about you. My mother was addicted to alcohol most of my life (and probably hers). She was also addicted to Valium for most of her life and nearly died from it. The point is I have no memory of her without drugs or alcohol. I was embarrassed and ashamed of her all of my life because of it. I hated when she came to school events. These are the memories she left me and my siblings with for eternity. She died with all 5 of her children both loving and hating her for what she put us through. I am now 55, my youngest sibling is 45, and even at our age we have never got over the memories. Whenever we have family events now and she is brought up the discussions are always exclusively about the pain, anger, hurt, and hate. I am the only one of the five who has forgiven her. At her funeral we cried not for what we were losing in her leaving. I am ashamed to say her death was was a blessing of peace for us all. Instead, we cried for what we would never be able to have, a mother in sobriety, and knowing that opportunity for that memory was gone forever. Those are the memories we have of her. Do you want your children to have memories like that about you? If not, then only you can do something about it. You have to do more than just talk the talk about loving your kids and wanting to be a good mom....you have to walk the walk....or you risk your kids hating you, being embarrassed about you, and not wanting you to be a part of their lives. My mother wasn't even allowed to ever babysit any of her own grand-children....please don't let that become you, because you can not unring a bell. Your children are young, they do not yet have a lasting memory imprint of this side of you......only you can ensure that they never will.......