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Hi C&R,

If you check out Timothy Hain's (neurotologist) site on medications he mention's the following about this type of treatment (in summary):

- that lorazepam is a very useful agent because of its effectiveness and simple kinetics (ie. it doesn't stay in the system for too long).

- the problem of addiction can be avoided - in most cases - by keeping the dose to 0.5 mg per day. Also, low doses of valium (2 mg) can be very effective (I use 2.5 mg when things get too rough but not more than 3-4 times per week in a bad patch).

- Klonopin is as effective as lorazepam (I am not a fan of lorazepam - also known as Ativan - because it can produce rebound anxiety).

Another option too, is to use an SSRI but see how you go on the klonopin. I'm certain you'll see results immediately.

Best....Scott :cool: