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No problem - I am exactly the same way... and that's the way we continue to learn about our condition!! I came down with vestibular symptoms 14 months ago, and prior to my diagnosis in May of 2005, I was convinced that it had to be something huge and life threatening, due to the horrendous symptoms. I was diagnosed with vestibulopathy, probable uncompensated vestibular neuronitis, after having everything else ruled out. (The ENG revealed marked weakness in the R inner ear.) I had been initially treated for BPPV before the tests came back, and was first asked to do Brandt-Doroff exercises, which made me deathly ill. Once I had my diagnosis, I began to incorporate the types of exercises you are now doing, balancing, focusing on the VOR, along with walking. I was extremely affected by the VN - I couldn't walk outside without experienceing an intense pressure-like feeling that I can't really even describe! I was pretty much housebound for a couple of months, and had to hang on to people/walls/ whatever when I did try to walk for any distance. I couldn't drive, go in stores, etc. It was horrible, and I was convinced that my life was basically over.

I continued to research here and online the whole while, continuing to uncover info that my own drs. weren't even familiar with. It was on this board that I read a suggestion that walking on uneven surfaces everyday, like a plowed field, would be for the vestibular patient. I was so fortunate to have a plowed hill right above my house, so I began that last fall. The progress was so slight... and it really was 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. At this point, I am having more and more decent days - on my best days, I no longer have screaming vestibular symptoms, though I can't say that I ever feel completely normal.

As to what I continue to do in terms of VRT at this point, you may have read a question I asked Subs regarding the need for continuing VRT even when someone is fully compensated. (I had just been rereading some of the extensive online info about VRT. I had hit a plateau and just didn't seem to be making progress, but also knew that I had let the VRT slip since I was getting busier and busier at work. I'd been walking, but wasn't doing the VOR stuff.) That was about 2 weeks ago, and I see a definite difference in my daily vestibular condition since weaving the exercises back in throughout my day. (For example, I put a tennis ball in my laptop bag, and whenever I've got a slow moment at work, I'll pull it out and toss it up in the air, from hand to hand - another great exercise for vest. issues.)

I guess the key here is in realizing that this just can really take a while. I am having a really good stretch at the moment, and at times can even forget that this past 1+ year has been so devastating. Did you view Dr. Rauch's video clips in the information archive? A must - and yet another reminder that this recovery process is extremely complicated and can take much longer than we'd ever want it to! I still have bad days, but I am able to get through them and am closer to my busy, normal schedule than I have been since I first came down with this 14 months ago. I keep 2.5 mg. Valium with me for those "just in case" days (very few and far between) - but even the need for that is lessening.

I bet you are finding alot of help here on the boards - I know that at my worst, this place was my sanctuary! Keep up the good work - you'll be out of this before you know it!

Take care!