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My doctor's name is Graham Johnstone...he is in the Pittsburgh area. His adresses are:

-1326 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
-5750 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)

I don't have the phone numbers, but you could look them up...but if you live on the other side of the state it might be easier to go to someone else anyway because you hafta wait at his office for like three hours before he'll see you and it's annoying. :)

Anyway, um...pre-op, I dunno, I was nervous but then they gave me some valium and I was fine :D. Post-op, when I had the Achilles I was 10...It was VERY painful because after cutting the muscles, they start to spasm...which, when they just cut them, it hurts to have the muscle twitching all the time. A sharp pain went all the way up my legs about every two seconds. So when I woke up I started screaming...but I was 10, so it might not be as bad for you. For that you have casts from below the knee to (covering) your feet for I think? six weeks.

For the hamstring/abductors, the pain wasn't nearly as bad...they recently figured out they can put botox in the muscles to stop them from spasming so much, but that takes a few days to take effect, so I had some sapsms but it wasn't too horrible. The casts are from mid-thigh to ankles (with your legs straight)...which, needless to say isn't very fun when you're going to the bathroom or trying to sleep. But those casts were only four weeks.

I dunno if they could do all three at once, because for the Achilles you have a non-walking cast, and for the others they had me walking around the day after surgery to not lose muscle mass. Some of those might be more beneficial than others for you, anyway. Lemme know what the doctor tells you and what you decide!