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Good Morning Sporthorse :wave:
last night I took my valium and it sure helped me sleep. I woke up very early, but that's because I took the Valium around 9.30 because I was so tired and ready to go to bed. Bet I wouldn't have slept at all without it. So in about 10 minutes I take my other pill. And in half an hour it's off to the dentist.....
I'll report back tomorrow or this evening (depending on how I feel, they said most likely you'd sleep all day).
It was quite a while until my husband got that tooth pulled with the bad root canal, which was stupid, but he is stuborn. He probably waited a year or so!
If you had a day with no pain in your tooth that was a good sign, I'd think! That's how my teeth were, they were bothering me every day, then one day it would be a bit better, then come back, then be better again etc. So hopefully yours will settle down! I know how hard it is NOT to think about it. But constantly thinking about it, makes it seem even worse. Well, got to go take my pill :eek:
Talk to you soon :wave: