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Thanks Robin! I am feeling better since I wrote that. I had just come from a very rude doctor that couldn't answer any of my questions, or give me any sort of insight as to what I have and I was just mad for having to give him money for that! and no it is not the same doctor that I saw at the Mayo clinic...he was actually pretty decent, but this was the doctor that the Mayo clinic doc recommended that I see is why I even went to this doctor.(is that makes sense!) I have had just absolutley no luck w/ doctors in the town where I live.
I have been doing VRT since October and I think that it has helped some...I do it everyday but only do each excercie for a minute. I finaly just gave up on all of the pills that my doctor's have given me....histamine drops, anti-histamine, meclizine, valium etc etc...... none of it has worked at all. I am taking a ton of vitamins now and excercising outside and trying to run small errands out of the house as much as I can. This is what has worked best for me.
Robin hope that you are feeling better and that we continue to get better each day. You are right that time is really the only thing that is going to help us for sure and through it all we just have to be patient and accept the situation that we are in. With the sun out and warm weathered activites coming up it is hard to still feel bad though!!!