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I do off and on my palps are usualy the skips,flutters,quiver type things which some were caught on the holter monitor I had last year and the doctor said they were PVC'S premature ventricular contractions and not of any concern.Alot of people have these I have heard everyone has them now and then some just have them way more often and some just notice them way more.Is this what your having skips? or is it a racing pulse? Anxiety/panic and stress can certainly trigger this ..did they catch anything on the any of the monitors? If I were you if you havent seen a cardiologist I would do that just to ease my own mind but honestly it doesnt sound bad I know it feels bad
You may have already done this but if not cut way back or totaly cut caffiene,chocolate,smoking(if you are a smoker),alcohol,benadryl and some other cold meds can exaberate palps.....Have you tried taking a valium? to see if it goes away after that? it really could be all anxiety related but I am just tossing another idea your way which is the PVC's they are harmless some people are given meds for them if they are that bad .......maybe also post on the heart disorders thread alot of knowledgable people there too