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Hi, i am 35 and i had a total hysterectomy two years ago. They tried estrogen and got off of it. I thought I could do this on my own. A year and 6 months after the hysterectomy started having hot flashes, dr said it was because of menopause. I can deal with hot flashes but then I started having panic attacks, can not deal with that very well, cause i don't know very many people i can talk to that is going through the panic. I have had 2 ekg's and they were normal, they put me on valium for a short time and took me off and put me on a antidepress. and it does work. But I need to know from someone will these panic attacks go away for good? Please someone help me, i am having a light one right now and i know tom. i will be so tired they just wear me out. I have a bad habit of taking my blood pressure when i am having one that is dumb cause i see that my pulse is up and it makes the panic attack worse. Please help