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Hi Mac,

>> he said that this was a very bad idea, as there is no point of stability for the body

I don't buy that either. I agree, if you can go for a run then why can't you use the trainer? I reckon if you feel good using the trainier then keep doing it. The fallout from the bike ride has pretty much gone but I do feel like my head is floating in water still. I ended up taking a small dose of valium to take the edge off...I have too much work to do to be sitting around feeling drunk with a buzzing body. And now I have to ride home, and in the dark! Well, I'm prepared for the worst and will take it easy going back. It's all downhill anyway. Still gets on my wick that this thing can trash me from a bike ride so far down the track in my "recovery".

I'm actually Canadian and live in Sydney, Australia - lol. I was nick-named Scotsman here at the uni by a friend and that stuck only because my name is Scott.

Sounds like you're going well with all of your walking etc. Interesting stuff about reading the paper too. Thanks for the info.