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to jih
do tell the psych, this is important
your med sometimes also controls panic attacks and sometimes not ask about upping the dose
it doesnt matter why the panic attacksa re happening so dont waste time with psychotherapy looking for subconscious causes
Instead get some self help books or tapes on overcoming panic disorder or agoraphobia and follow their advice

try to get some valium and always carry a few tablets with you when out, a tablet disolved under the tongue will reduce or stop any panic attack, your psych may not know this as some are lazy and dont keep up to date
do you think your med, effexor, is helping with the depression, sometimes it simply doesnt work :eek:
Thanks both for your advice. Im seeing my GP anyway this afternoon because I've run out of medication, and I'm planning to ask him to increase the dose anyway - I've only been on it 8 weeks, and I definitely did notice an improvement in my depression after about 3 weeks, however that seems to have disappeared now and I think I need a higher dose. I'm only on 75mg currently anyway, which is pretty low. I'll try to mention the panic attacks to my GP, in fact the very thought of going is threatening to bring one on, so I'll try to ask about it. I don't think he'l be happy to give me valium though, he's very anti-benzos, keeps trying to give me beta blockers which just DON'T work! But I'll see what he can do and thanks both of you for your help.