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First, I don't want to scare you read everything I have to say okay. I have multiple sclerosis, and I am in NO way implying that you do or even might. However with MS comes something called spasticity, this causes my muscles to lock up randomly...however I have had severe to moderate neck pain for the past three years now, and I am now getting in it other areas as well.

I reiterate that am correlating the muscle tightness here, NOT the disorder itself. Anyhow I started in the past few weeks to develop similar symptoms, was terrified I might be developing new MS lesions permanently damaging my nerves that I was going blind a deaf (I also had my Dr check for an inner ear infection, which turned up nothing).

Last night I was shooting pool with my boyfriend...now I'm a very good pool player. However I usually throw my shots to make everyone (including him) think he's better than me. I missed EVERY shot and I was trying to make them for once. My eye felt like it was twitching although it wasn't, my depth perception was off, my vision would swirl, and my neck was killing me right at the base...I finally took a valium when the neck pain started becoming intollerable. When it kicked in my neck pain went away (as I expected) but also I could see normally!!! I suddenly had everything back and could again make any shot on the table that I wanted to.

So it does seem that muscles in the neck can sieze up on those nerves and cause the vision and hearing abnormalities that we both experience. Unfortunately I can't function on Valium, however the simple fact that relaxing those muscles made me able to see normally has me very hopeful now!