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Hey M,
I have BPPV w/ Menieres symptoms. This is my second episode. The first lasted 6 months and I got back to 100%. Almost an exact year later I had a second episode and am now in month 10 of recovery. I believe the first go round was straight BPPV but this time there is something else going on. My remaining problems are now with tinnitus, on and off brain fog and some visual stuff well...up until 2 days ago those were my remaining problems. I think I hit a patch of decomp (I hope that is all it is) because I've been feeling wierd swish like sensations when I turn over in bed. No vertigo but very wierd. I also feel really off balance and I'm petrified that the vertigo monster is lurking.
I only take herbal supplements and Sudafed sometimes. I declined the diuretic and the meclazine did nothing but make me tired. I would probably find relief in Valium but I've always been afraid it would hinder the compensation. How bout you?