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Hey C&R,

>>>is it true that the inner ear infection goes away and what your left with is the anxiety and low seritonin in your body which keeps the symptoms going?

I think this is partially true. It's not the whole story though. Your brain still has to complete the job of compensating as best it can for a new pattern of signalling coming from the damaged inner ear/nerves. After the injury, the balance "manual" locked into your brain since childhood no longer reflects what's going on. It's like the rules of the game have changed and the brain is sitting there going, huh? All of the evidence out there suggests very strongly that 1) anxiety prevents compensation 2) that anxiety occurs as a result of inner ear dysfunction. Thus, you can wind up in an endless viscious circle. Whether it's the anxiety per se that is causing a serotonin drop or another mechanism, I'm not certain. But from my own experience I think the feelings of anxiety and depressive heaviness that comes with this occurs via other pathways as well. I have gone from feeling near normal for weeks to suddenly dropping to a massive low rapidly only to bounce back 24 hours later. These episodes have happened without anxiety happening first.

>>>they said that anxiety is the number one thing that hinders recovery and thats why they prescribe klonopin or xanax with it.

Yup, benzos do work well for this (relieving the physical symptoms of anxiety). I've seen this in myself time and again. I find a benzo works best for me when the anxiety that is happening is strictly coming from the physiological symptoms. I can have this buzzing going on throughout my body even though mentally I feel fine. In this case valium kills it. But if it's me stressing, than it doesn't work so well. Fortunately that's rare. Whether a low-dose benzo can aid compensation is an interesting question. Too much of it apparently hinders it but if a small dose kills anxiety, then perhaps it aids compensation. Guess there's a fine line between how much is good versus how much is bad.

>>>im feeling better but not really anything yet

Don't judge the meds yet. It will take a good 6 weeks to see what the effect is. I'm confident that if you can stay mentally calm and not worry about your condition (ie, accept where you are) that you will see vast improvements soon.

>>>im worrying about having somehting the docs overlooked or something that will never end

Get those thoughts out of your head. It's just not true and will only serve to wind you up further. One of the worst enemies in all of this is our own minds creating all kinds of stories and possibilities. Don't let yourself be tricked in this way. Everything you have described on this board so far sounds like textbook inner ear hassles and nothing more.

Hang in there...Scott :cool: