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I am posting on the GERD forum also but thought I would just ask on here if anyone suffering with acute panic disorder, who is on valium , suffering from acid reflux type disorder and is taking meds for acid?? I have been on valium (about 6-10mg a day) for years. I now have to take inhibitor meds for acid reflux (awaiting endoscopy) and find that I am being knocked out by the combination of the two drugs PREVACID and VALIUM. Would appreciate it if anyone fits the bill and can give me their experience. Thanks
Thanks for reply. I do already do the things you stated. I am more worried I suppose by the breathing difficulties associated with GERD that then bring on my panics. Embarrassing times at emergency departments as the medical staff find it hard to tell what is really going on... a what came first. the chicken or the egg thing! Also wondering if valium is actually making my sympotms worse even though on taking it, things seem to settle for a while.

Thanks again