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Msteri - I Dont Know How Old You Are But I Am A 57 Yr Old
Female . I Was On Social Security Disbality For Social Anxiety
Disorder For 8 Yrs From Age 30 To 38 Yrs Old I Felt So Guilty For Being On Ss Because I Didnt Look Ill! No One Not Even My
Family Could Understand Why I Wasnt Working That I Was Terrified
Of Being Around People!!! (due To My Childhood History Of Abuse)
I Got Off Of It And Started Doing Home Health Aide Work But I
Felt So Lonely And Isolated That My Desire To Be With People
Was Greater Than The Fear, I Did Get Addicted To Xanax , The
Doc Kept Upping It Till I Was On 4 Mg Day (took Me 4 Yrs To
Taper Down To 6mg Valium) If You Have To Take A Benzo Take
Valium Cause Xanax Is Awful I Would Never Ever Touch A Xanax
Pill Again!!!!!but If You Can Use It Like My Mom When She Would
Get A Panic Attack She Would Take A Small Amount And She Would
Not Take It On A Daily Basis Like I Did So She Never Got Addicted
Like I Did . Now I Have Had A Job In A Call Center Working Around
People For 6 Yrs And Though It Has Been Hard At Times And I Had
To Push Myself To Get In There It Has Been Worth It And I Wish I
Had Done It Earlier In My Life I Actually Had To Push Myself Into
The Situation Over And Over Again Now Even Though I Have Some
Anxiety I Am Living A Normal Life Dont Wait Too Long I Dont Know
How Old You Are But Life Goes Bye Fast. You Have To Have Courage
You Wont Regret It And You'll Discover That Youre Fears Are Not
Valid And That You Can Survive Disapproval It Wont Kill You
You Will Be Happy You Did It!!!!