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haleysmum...do you have a prescription for a benzo? A little Xanax or Valium might help you while you are trying to get used to your antidepressant. IMO you would feel much better if you knew you could stop a panic attack because you have some Xanax.
Hi SRMOM, Yep I take valium but very reluctantly and was leaving it till I was pretty much at the point of NO RETURN before I would take one. My doctor told me on Monday not to do this. He has told me to take it as soon as I start to feel anxious. ( Which is all the time right now , so I would need to take them all the time ) :( At least while I am going through the transition of changing my anti depressants. I was too frightened to as I read that you shouldnt take benzos while taking Luvox, but my doc told its only because it can increase the effects of the pill. He also pointed out Im on taking a very small dose, normally only half a 5 mg pill, sometimes a whole if I need it. So far I THINK the nausea is easing ( but its only 9 am ) will see how I go for the rest of the day :) Thanks for replying me to me, it would be nice to have others who go through the same to chat to. Most of the people in my life apart from my mother have no idea what its like :(
I know what you mean...my siblings have anxiety, but they've never had a panic attack and can't understand it. I try to describe it and it's like they don't believe it could happen.

I hope your Luvox works, and do take your Valium like your doctor suggests...you will feel better until your meds kick in. Have you tried taking anything for your nausea? I would maybe try Benadryl (same type of med in OTC motion sickness drugs) or even an antacid to help my tummy settle down, if it were me. Good luck...I'll keep good thoughts for you :)