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Hi sammie
valium type meds always help if the dose is right keep in mind that hot storage spoils the tablets, a beta blocker med would also help for the throat problem if its from anxiety, which it often is, would insist on these from your doc, tell him you a re in danger of losing your job

paxil will help a lot if its working but it occasionally simply doesnt work for a person at any dose, many docs wont accept this
you also need to learn new ways of calming and relaxing yourself

its very important to breathe deep and slow and to let go of all excess muscle tension in your body

fear of passing out from anxiety is common but it almost never happens
Hi sammie...I totally agree with copycall, I couldn't have written a better post. Perhaps it it the job you have that is causing your anxiety? Have you thought about looking for another job?

I agree with hry33 about taking a benzo like valium or xanax...they really help to calm you down when you get that feeling of panic come over you. Also, learn to take deep full breaths, slowly, in and out at the same pace. This will keep you from hyperventilating and slow your heart rate. Try to keep positive thoughts too. Dwelling on negative things increases anxiety, so if you find you are worrying, try to distract yourself or replace your negative thought with thoughts of something nice. Think about doing something for someone else perhaps, then you'll be thinking outside of yourself and putting your energy in a positive direction.

I've had this problem for many years...I tried Paxil CR and found it wasn't for me. I hope it will work for you. I just take Xanax as needed now and try to remember all the things I mentioned above. Please keep us posted.