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perhaps we should mention the traditional anxiety cure, alcahol. Ironically its often more acceptable than valium, which some consider a sign of weakness or lack of character

there are a few anxiety sufferers who are able to limit their alcahol consumption but not many, leading to the familar problem of the anxiety sufferer who is only able to function in anxious situations when drunk, this includes car driving.

a group of skid row alcaholics were asked what originally made them drink so much and many mentioned self medicating for anxiety with it

its usual for an anxiety sufferer to need more and more alcahol when self medicating with it, accepting the side effects of loss of job, stomach and liver damage from it
I learned long ago that wine helps me get over some rough patches. But it is a double edged sword. The hang over the next day is 100% worse (in terms of anxiety) than what would normally be.

But I still indulge: knowing I am going to feel breathing problems and weird sensations.

I am curious why drinking would be more socially acceptable rather than taking a valium or xanax. It definately would be safer for ones liver!
One or two glasses of wine or mixed drink or even beer does relax me alot.Although I dont drink often maybe once every few months.I dont see the issue with the valium type meds either id rather be driving near someone who has taken some xanax,klonopin etc then someone who is stone cold drunk.