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to jittery
flexeril doesnt sound too bad . discuss with pharmacist, perhaps

otherwise any valium type med is a good muscle relaxer, some are sold for this puropse
I was actually going to reply with what hry33 said...If you're worried about the Flexeril why don't you ask about Valium?

I mean, it's an anti-anxiety medicine, so you'd be getting the best of both worlds.. because it's also an EXCELLENT muscle relaxer (from my personal experience).
Hi...I take flexeril as needed for my muscle tension and for my neck. I had a whiplash injury 5 years agao. I think my neck may be a huge contributor to my headaches that I get at night. There sometimes is no comfy position when my neck hurts. I take only a half tab at night for this. if my neck is hurting at night and I don't take it.I will ...99% of the time... wake up in the middle of the night with a massive killer headache.

I also take Klonipin for anxiety. As needed and usually just one .5 mg tablet or even half a tablet several times a week. I make sure I do not take both of these together at the same time because they knock me out entirely. I usually take the flexeril at night anyway before bed and If I am in need of a klonopin I will have already taken it hours before bedtime anyway.

Flexeril does make you tired and you may be alittle slow in the mornings. Not mentally..physically because your muscles get nice and relaxed when you take it. It really has worked well for my neck. All the physical therepy and pain meds in the world cannot do for my neck what flexeril can and I never have to take it as much as the script says I can ...it works so well.

My dr. did once prescribe me valium for my muscle spasms in my neck about 4 years agao. I had no idea Valium could be taken as a muscle relaxer at that time and was suprised when she gave me a script for it....it worked really well though... but she would not give me more than a two weeks script for them. I find it really bazar that they will precribe me Klonopin and flexeril together long term but not just Valium by itself.

I do not know about the valerian. Hope this helped some.