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Hope you're having a better day. I would recommend having your tubes checked out by your ENT ASAP. Albeit very rare, complications can arise. If everything looks OK, give them some time, a month or so. If you're still having ear issues after that, you may want to seek out a neurotologist and a TMJ specialist in your area, as you may have something other than, or in addition to, ETD. There are several other disorders that can cause ear fullness. They are mostly diagnosed based on your history and symptoms.

As for my ear tube, I remember my ear still felt full even after the tube was put in. And I still had the darn off balance/disequilibrium feelings. I guess this was the first sign that I had something other than ETD going on. Like I said, I immediately got neck pain and pulsing. After about a week I began to get brain fog, or so I've heard it termed. For me, it was a diminished ability to think and concentrate. I appeared normal to the world, yet I knew that I could not think as clearly. It was as though I awoke in a fog or haze. I fell into a major depression. When I was bad, the only thing that helped was Ativan. Based on extensive research, it appears that Valium, Ativan, Xanax, and Klonopin almost universally help with some of the symptoms that people with ear issues suffer from. Interestingly, they help with muscular related TMJ as well, which can also cause these same ear issues.

On a positive note, one thing I have learned is this... make the most of the good days. When I am having a good day, I spend time with my family. I listen to them. I play with them. I get things done around the house. I try to smile and laugh as much as possible. I just try to enjoy life to its fullest. You may be having a bad day today. But remember, things will change. You will have better days. And when you do, make the most of them.

When my ear is bad, I too like to sleep with the fan on high. It drives my wife nuts. But she understands.

A couple of questions for you...

How long have you had ear issues? In my experience, the standard course of treatment for Eustachian tube dysfunction is sudafed, guifenesen, allergy medications such as Claritin and Flonase, and finally steroids, typically in the form of a medrol dose pack. It is typically only after many courses of these treatments are unsuccessful that a tube is suggested.

What exactly are all your symptoms? Do you have any dizziness, imbalance, equilibrium issues? Any hearing issues?

Were you under any unusual stress during the time when you ear issues began or worsened?


I feel for you, so much. I know where you are because I have been there. There have been days that I feel I can take no more. But then, I think about my kids and that's what keeps me going.

Question for you... You say you have been diagnosed with Menieres (MM). It is my understanding that a true MM diagnosis requires hearing loss, ear fullness, and at least two true vertigo (spinning) attacks lasting 20 minutes to 2 hours. Typically the attacks are preceded by intense ear fullness, ringing, and normally some hearing loss. Does this sound like you? Do you have ALL these symptoms? If so, some of the options that have shown promise include: SERC (betahistine), John of Ohio regimen, and a few others. Again, these are only suggested for true MM cases. menieresfoundation is a great resouce. It is a dot org. Also, in MM, the ear fullness is actually inner ear pressure not middle ear pressure. Thus, tubes typically have no affect on MM ear fullness.

One of the worst parts of this whole thing is the vicious cycle that perpetuates. For me, it's like this and in no particular order... I get stressed, my ear clogs up, I get more stressed because I can't clear it, the ringing gets louder, I can't sleep, still stressed, can't clear my ear and I go crazy, the alarm goes off and I realize that I never slept. I have found all these factors play into each other, and they are all related. In other words, the anxiety intensifies the ear issues - and the ear issues intensify the anxiety.

Sometimes, when things get really bad, I just need to find some peace and break that cycle. And when things get bad, I have found just one thing which allows me to find that peace when I so desperately need it, sleep deeply, and break that vicious cycle - 1mg Ativan. I know Valium and Xanax work as well. I know these are controversial drugs. Clearly, they are not for everyone. But for me, Ativan works. And the fact remains, when things get really bad, all I want is some relief, even if temporary. I still scour the Internet doing research all the time, looking for a permanent solution. I will never stop. And I pray that I find one. But until then, I will do anything to find relief.

Talk to you soon,