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the psych will probably just listen, not say much or offer any advice, say the paxil is OK and present you with a large bill
far better to get some self help books on overcoming anxiety , panic disorder and follow their advice, IMO
paxil is one of many prozac type meds but does have the reputation of being very difficult to eventually stop, see paxil discontinuation syndrome on the net, generic prozac would be better, IMO
paxil is being expensively promoted for panic attacks and anxiety to docs with all sorts of free gifts for prescribinbg it
any valium type med will help a lot for the panic attacks, a tablet disolved under the tongue will reduce or stop any panic attack, doc should have given you some
I dont think your doc was very helpful but I doubt a psych would be any better
Just to add...

Drugs like Valium are typically thought to be more addictive than drugs like Paxil, so that's definately something to consider (and possibly avoid). Also, Paxil is available generically, so drug companies don't push the drug as much. You'll probably receive the generic drug (paroxetine) unless your provider specified that he does not allow generic substitution, so the whole pressure on the doctor thing shouldn't be much of a concern.

To address your question, there is little harm in starting the Paxil now if you want to see how you do, but by all means see the psychiatrist. S/he may change the drug and/or dosage, but that's something to find out about later. If you respond well to Paxil, it's unlikely that the psychiatrist would just change it. Your dose of Paxil is a really small dose, so if it works for you, that's great. Even if the psychiatrist doesn't change your meds, the therapy should be helpful in your treatment, anyway.

Good luck.
If you don't want to go the medicinal route, you probably should go see a psychologist who could teach you cognitive behavorial therapy.

If you want to see a psychiatrist because you think you want to take medications, I'd definitely recommend it.

Valium type meds (benzos) are not more addictive than anti-depressants, just to clarify. You can become dependent on a benzo medication, which just means you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop the medicine suddenly. (your physiologically adapted to the medication- has nothing at all to do with addiction). You'll often hear people confuse the term dependence and addiction.

It took me quite some time to talk to my GP doctor about my anxiety. Being a guy who's supposed to be "strong", I was a little hesistant about it. Seeing a psychiatrist was a great thing for me to do.

Often times psychiatrists and psychologists work together as a team, so to say. I had to see the psychologist before I saw the actual psychiatrist. The psychologist talked to me a lot more about situational things that trigger anxiety and gave his impression of what I experienced (GAD w/ anxiety attacks), and then the Dr. made his medication recommendations.

You'll find that some doctors are hesitant to prescribe benzos, and some aren't. The psychiatrist I go to thinks they are far more useful than antidepressants (for anxiety and panic attacks). Does that mean they are? No. That's just to say that no two doctors are going to think/prescribe the same things.

I would just go check it out if the anxiety is interfering with you life and daily activities.

Let me know if I can offer any more advice/suggestions. I'd love to.
its very unusual for anxiety sufferers to become addicted to valium type meds, they are much too sensible for this to be allowed to happen
antidepressant doses are usually trial and error, find out the approved dose range from a pharmacist and gradually work up until getting the most help