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hi Catgirl- I Am 57 Yr Old Female And I Also Have Had Anxiety
Depression And Bouts Of Ocd And Social Anxiety Since I Was A
Young Child . My Mother Has Gad And Was Very High Strung .
I Think I Understand What You Are Feeling. I Dont Have The
Obsession About My Health But I Do Feel Concerned About My
Health (but I Tend To Think Its Because Im Getting Older And
I Live Alone And I Just Want To Stay Healthy) I Am Now Taking
Paxil -40mg And Valium 8mg Daily But Dont Think They Really
Help. I Think That I Will Always Have A Nervous Reticient
Tempermant But I Have Gotten Better And Made Progress With The
Social Anxiety Since I Have Gotten Older And Also I Have Worked
On Putting Myself Into Social Situations . I Have Also Used
Cbt And Am Trying Dbt Now. Please Keep In Touch And Let Me
Know How Youre Doing!