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I agree...I'd avoid Paxil. I took it and it was so awful compared with the other SSRI's I've tried. None of them worked for me (side effects are terrible for me), but Paxil made my anxiety problems ten times worse and the withdrawal was horrid. If I have to try an AD ever again, I might take Prozac. This is just me though, everyone is different.

I just take Xanax as needed...not every day. It seems to be working for me. I still have anxiety, but my panic attacks have lessened over the years. They pop up when I'm stressed...so I try to figure out ways of coping with my stress.

Panic attacks are very bothersome, but they won't kill you. Learn how to breathe deeply and get through them. Hopefully, you'll be able to get some Xanax or Valium and have them with you for the very bad times. Sometimes it helps just knowing you have them for backup.