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this is one of many cases where a largish dose of valium or similar will help a lot, and allow you to get a feeling of satisfaction in doing a thing difficult for you
all anxiety sufferers sgould have some on hand at all times, IMO

keep breathing all the time, deep and slow, avoid rapid shallow panting and above all, dont hold your breath or forget to breathe

tell them you are nervous, and dont look a t what they are doing to your arm, look the other way
I have panic attacks and above all, hate needles but had my blood drawn two weeks ago. It wasn't that bad. (But it wasn't that great either). Maybe I should have taken a valium (xanax). :cool:
I cant directly advise on meds doses, but any usual sedation or spaced out feeling from a valium type med is cancelled out by the fears and anxiety associated with any very difficult situation

take it 1 hour before. remember you need to co operate with the valium by not tensing up or fighting back against the anxiety or fears, as mentioned, keep breathing deep and slow and do tell them you are nervous about it, they will understand