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Hi most of us get better with meds, learning new ways of relaxing and CBT
the feeling that everyone is looking at you is common for social anxiety, wear sunglasses and look back a t them
any valium type med in a large enough dose will help a lot for doing difficult things
lightheadedness from anxiety is common, squeeze something sharp in your hand and concentrate on the pain, this usually distracts you and stops it for a while
antidepressant meds often help too, have you tried any?
are you having panic attacks, read up about them on the net
paxil and all other antidepressant meds often make anxiety sufferers worse at first, a problem made worse by doc often prescribing a too high starting dose
however if you can find 1 that eventually works for you it will help a lot with anxiety and panic attacks, meanwhile valium is a big help, do try to get some, also ask about any local anxiety self help groups