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lots of info about panic attacks on the net, are they sure it wasnt asthma or low blood sugar?

assuming it was a panic attack, they wont harm her, so tell her not to fear them if they happen again, tell her to breathe deep and slow and to try to relax and accept, and to not tense up or fight back, fast shallow breathing always makes panic attacks worse

any valium type tablet disolved under the tongue a t the start of a panic attack will help a lot, some are designed for this purpose and she should carry a couple of tablets with her whenever out, she should continue with her normal activities

in general, doctors know surprisingly little about panic attacks, I suggest you resist any attempts to have her take a daily antidepressant tablet at this stage

panic attacks are often inherited and were sometimes called turns or siezures until recently

also read up about GERD and acid reflux on the net, common with panic attacks and can cause heartburn, which causes chest pains, perhaps causing another panic attack