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xanax and klonapin are valium type meds and will always help if the dose is got right, they go well with lexapro or any other antidepressant

in general, anxiety sufferers should find out the usual dose range for their antidepressant, for anxiety and depression, ask pharmacist, and start with a quarter of the smallest dose the first week, then double it the next week and gradually work up to the smallest effective dose, split the tablets as needed, later upping the dose with doc's OK may be needed to get it working properly

read up about hypochondria on the net, some docs are ghelpful for this distressing problem but others arent
drowsieness from lexapro at your stage is common, take it just before bed

if you have nervous diarea, lomotil for a while usually stops it
to elka
klonapin is a valium type med and cant cause bad reactions like antidepressants can and often do, klonapin and all antidepressants go well together, many take both
its main early side effect is sedation, so take the first one at home to see how much it sedates you, it can make you feel drunk at first
carry a few klonapin tablets with you when out and disolve 1 under the tongue if unexpectedly panicky, works fastest thet way
remember deep slow breathing will always calm you