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heh, well I got off the propandolol, simply because of the side effects, but the attacks have cooled down a lot to how they were at their worst. On the other hand they still haven't gone and I don't know what's bringing them up. I figure I'm not going to go back on the drugs (have a few tablets just in case) unless I a) start with the hyperventilating badly again or b) am in danger of being unable to take big exams. The problem is everyone I talk to thinks it's just exam stress because I won't tell them about things happeneing outside. If thats the case then why have they calmed down now I'm right in the thick of exams hmm? go figure.
My GP said the alternative to propandolol was valium... any thoughts on that? I do know that beta blockers can get addictive, but I haven't had that so far I don't think.
Also, thanks for the advice about not cutting tablets, wasn't sure if I could or not.