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Just wanted to chime in on the Xanax comment. Xanax is a benzo, and it affects the CNS, so if you have a inner ear disorder, the xanax should atleast lessen the symptoms.... Similar to Klonopin or Valium, on much more addicting. It may be worthwhile to try a small dose... .25mg xanax just to see if it gives you some improvement.

fyi -- I take a small dose of xanax everyday.. actually like .075mg.. so really really small dose which I have weened down to.

Tucker, I dont agree that the prescription was ridiculous if the diagnosis was inner ear... I do however feel it would be ridiculous if they thought all her symptoms were some type of anxiety disorder.

So many parallels. My experience went like this, if it will help to read it.

A few months ago my neck got so sore I could hardly move and was in constant pain, also up the side of my neck. Some headache too. Went to the GP who said I needed a 'good night's sleep' and gave me prescr. of cyclobenzamine (sp). I didn't take it because for some reason I was leery of it, since it can make one dizzy. Next day, BOOM, head postition brought about horroble case of Vertigo. Couldn't move my head at all because of the nausea for about 3-4 days. Then Neck pain and side of neck pain went away. Possible that the rest helped. Just feel a bit of it every now and then. But are they related? Neck and vertigo? That is the question. I only took some meclizine and some valium, 1 pill of that. Of course, I had a terrible headache during that episode, so I am wondering about MAV too. I have that electrical whirring screeching sound somewhere between ears and head every day. There are times it disappears to almost nothing, but comes back, can't tell why.

Curious c.