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I am in the UK. I have been on valium on and off for over 24 years mostly for panic attacks that have never left me. I have been having panic attacks in the home for years almost every day and find the only thing to knock them on the head temporarily is valium. I am going through a terrible phase of going in and out of panic daily right now and after\reading some information on the effects of diazepam, I realise that a lot of my symptoms could actually be valium induced. I am already taking 4mg a day more than my doctor prescribes and the thought of coming off them terrifies me but I feel its something I must try to rule out if this is the cause of my worsening symptoms. Does anyone have any advice they can give me please and perhaps some contact details of where I might seek self help with this?

Maybe it's time to go in to see your doctor and re-evaluate your medication and possibly add therapy. Valium is one of the longest acting benzos, but all benzos have the potential to build a tolerance to them. You may need to switch to something like Klonopin or your doctor may simply approve a higher dose of valium for you. You said you were 4mg. over each day, but you didn't say how much your doc prescribed. You might not be taking enough. You might need to try an antidepressant and wean off the benzos. Have you ever had times when your anxiety was not so bad and you didn't need as much valium? I feel bad for you...I know how helpless this anxiety roller coaster can feel.
I am actually prescribed 6mg a day and the docs seem really reluctant to give me even that tiny amount. I take as much as I need if I am having a particularly bad day but this usually only amounts to 10mg a day. I am not happy to go on anti depressants any more. I hate the side effects and find them only short term acting for my long term problem. I have asked before if there is a tablet that is like valium but doesnt have this addictive quality and doesnt have the stigma attached to it but I am told there are no tablets like that. All I am aware of is that you must come off valium very very gradually like 1mg every 3-4 weeks especially if you have been on them on a long time.
I have recently tried bach flower remedies but they didnt work for me. Any other ideas?
all valium type meds have the same bad reputation but there are many like you who manage well enough on them
an anticonvulsant med could perhaps be tried with the valium as these are thought to reduce panic attacks
coming off valium usually isnt all that difficult as long as you can gradually taper down
so always keep a reserve supply and never allow yourself to run out
if you are still having panic attacks, then you are not taking enough valium. i recently completed a 5 month taper off ativan using valium as per the ashton manual. coming off benzos is not an easy task and tapering off using valium is the only way to go as far as i am concerned. since you are already on valium, you have to decide whether to continue or taper off. sounds like tolerance to me. i too suffer from panic attacks and never had even one the whole time i was tapering. i am 3 months benzo free and have not had a panic attack, yet. btw, there is no miracle pill out there. i've tried them all