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Hi Sue and everyone,

I think that the images will go away. Just try to keep busy and not think about it. I would think about getting another dr. She should not be using a dull instrument!

I had a biopsy in 2005. My gyno told me that it would not hurt, just a slight cramp! Well, it hurt like #&()$&()@^. I was crying and yelling and the nurse was trying to keep me down. I will never have another biopsy again, unless I have a valium and a pain pill. I am 55, was 54 at the time!

I think that some (a lot) drs. think that a lot of things can be done in the office, when it would feel better in a hospital like area. Maybe it is cheaper for us or maybe they make more $ doing it in office and not outpatient?!

Try to forget. But, I know, it really hurt my feelings!!!

Take care.