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Diazapam is the same med as valium. It is a good and long lasting med, meaning you don't have to take it that often and is less likely to give you problems. I took it for over a year and stopped cold turkey with no problem but everyone is different. With significant anxiety as yours, I would go to another doctor and see if I could get a trial script for diazapam. I sounds like it would be of great help. Anxiety can get the best of you in situations and then eventually become a self perpetuating problem. It's better to catch it quickly.
Good luck,
How many mg of Diazapam (Valium) are you taking without going to sleep. I need to drive to work, I wasn't allow to sleep at work and also need a lot of thinking too. :D

I really need some to cover up my anxiety. I was prescribed when I was teenage time. It was 5mg x 2 times a day and 10mg before bed. I slept at school and the desk is my bed! :yawn:

Thank for letting me know.