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Well, its kind of good to hear that I am not alone. I get confused about my symptoms because there always seems to be a spanner in the works. In the last two or three years of panic and GAD we got a dog. I have found my symptoms much worse since then, more on a daily basis but I also lost my mum four years ago. On a psychological level it could be my mums death as we were very close. On a physical level, I find I am sneezing quite a lot, much more short of breath than usual and more dizzy than I used to be. Could I be allergic to the dog I wonder? Only getting rid of the dog would prove that and my children adore him!

I have been on all the meds available but none have taken my panics away for more than a few weeks(when they have finally started working and they got the dose right). Some I have had adverse reactions to. I have tried, anti depressants , tranquillisers and beta blockers. At the moment I am only taking diazepam because I have given up on meds. The diazapam is staying purely because it is practical to use. I have a young family to look after and I panic so much it helps a little to take a valium to at least depress the sensations for an hour or two.

I have tried CBT twice, hypnotherapy, pscyhotherapy, EMDR (eyes), EFT, The Linden Method, Joe Barrys Method, countless books including Claire Weekes, Dorothy Rowe and piles of CD for hypnosis, mediatation and relaxation. I really dont know where to turn next. My last appointment with my psychiatrist was miserable. She said "Go away and read all the books you can on the subject, get some cds and help yourself - it's the only way!" I think after 22 years of this she'd realise that I have a modicum of intelligence and have tried all that already.

In the UK, there seems to be little that pyschiatrists can do but give you tablets. Period! There are waiting lists for other therapy sometimes up to 2 years. These therapies are then often limited to 6 sessions. I am not rich at all, but I feel the only way out for me is to find a therapist who "wants" to help me get better and stick with it to the bitter end. This costs dearly and I dont have the money. I have read so many books where the patient has problems like mine and they found a great therapist like the one I describe and yes they do get better even after decades of ill health. Where do I find one in the UK who will do it for a pittance? I scour the internet daily looking for that special person but to no avail. Even when I find a possible therapist who might fit the bill I am then stumped because they live too far away. This means I cant get to them as I find travel difficult and if they do make home visits the costs are astronomical.
How can someone like me want to get well so badly and try so hard to find the answers but not be able to to a darned thing about my situation. Panic attacks are very common and on the increase. The provsions in the Uk for these are badly lacking...unless of course you dont mind being in a half stupor on medication. If anyone in the UK can point me in the direction of a reputable therapist who has a good success rate and may be willing to travel or help by email or phone please do let me know. I am at my wits end and it appears after the last psychiatrist visit they have all but given up on me.

many thanks for reading.