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Hey Angela,

You are talking about June 5th correct?? I understand your anxiety. My first injection, I was pretty freaked out as well. But after I had it done, I was like, "that wasn't that bad." Although my doc is good about sedation.

As far as anxiety meds, Xanax will work. However, xanax is a short acting benzo and can cause some sedation. I would call your doc and let him know of your concerns and that your anxiety is getting higher as the days get closer. Generally, they will use something like Valium or Ativan. These seem to be a little less sedating, however all the benzo's have the sedation effect.

Also, make sure you speak with your doc about sedation when you go in for your procedure. Most PM's have no problem with this. They will usually start and IV and give you a mix if Midazolam (Versed) and Fentanyl. The goal of the Midazolam is amnesia and relaxation. It is suppose to make you forget anything about the procedure. However, after you've had it a couple times, that effect wears off and it just relaxes you. But with the IV meds, they take effect nearly immediately, and they can easily give more if needed.

Either way, touch bases with the doc and let him know how you are feeling now and also check into the sedation for the day of the procedure.

I'm sure you'll do just fine. Keep us posted on how everything goes for you.

Take Care
They are planning on sedating me the day of the esi (june 5th)oops. My pm said they will sedate me to the fullest!! I did have a Valium when I had my second mri and I liked it much better than the xanax. I did not know that I was claustrophobic--that's why I had it. I wasn't so tired the next day like I would be on the xanax. Between you (Aranger) and Advice seeker, I really feel like I will get thru this, I'm just so scared. I am am sure for nothing. Has anyone had this injection help with your headaches? While the topamax has helped me, I just want off of it. I can't function and it takes my breath away so easily. I did say I would do anything to get rid of the headaches--but now I really feel the rest of my pain. ouch. Thank you for being here for me. I really appreciate it.