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This is the first time I have posted in the Anxiety forum...I think... :) Anyway, for about a year or so now I have had the soupy, foggy headed feeling that has been described here as dissociation, etc.

The first time I had this was 9 years ago. It seemed to last about a year, then it disappeared as mysteriously as it started. I have had many tests and spent thousands of dollars, but still cannot pinpoint the problem. For a while, I thought I had an inner ear problem; and I still think I might, since I have had tinnitus and related problems in the past. However, even when tinnitus, et. al. are not present, I am in a 24/7 state of fogginess. I feel as though 30 points have been knocked off my IQ.

Having deep, many faceted discussions causes me to have bouts of dizziness. I also have periods of persistent PVC's and occasional waves of great sadness and weeping. I tried Celexa, but this made me feel neutered, and caused sexual side effects. I have tried Valium, and that sometimes helps with the PVC's, but not the brain fog.

I have lost my joy and am not sure what to do. I get tired of Docs saying, "It will pass, it's in your head." Maybe. But your head can make things unbearable. When I was in 7th grade, I had experienced such relentless badgering, that I had horrible lower GI problems. The mind can wreck the body.

Anyway, I suppose I am just venting, as I am sure many of you have experienced many of the same things. Just thought I'd ask if anyone has benefitted in any way from anything. How's that for a bunch of "anys"?

Regards, Brenden.