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was this a pre employment type of test or something else?was this a drug screen?i am a bit confused thats all.nothing new there.the thing is,what you have stated as being in your system would NOT show up as anything illegal on any type of actual drug screen.they only look for actual drugs,both illegal and Rx type that you could be possibly abusing.so i guess I am wondering just what they actually found in your urine?blood? what exactly was tested?and most importantly,was this an actual drug screen type of test?why didn't they actually tell you what was found in your test?i do believe if this was indeed a drug screen,they have to tell you,tho I could be wrong about that.I have to get a suprise drug screen at my pain clinic when ever the mood strikes them.when something not quite right pops up,it is always discussed with me.for instance,the last one,tho i had been on valium for over a year,I had forgot to write it down on my med sheet at my PMs.my primary is treating my leg spasticty problems not my pm.so when a ton of benzos showed up in my drug screen she just asked me about it.once I told her what had happened and that this was being legally Rxed by my primary,she was fine and just told me that "they have to ask'.end of issue.

if you could answer the questions it would be alot of help.i guess i am not sure what the actual issue is here with regard to just viamins showing up on some sort of a screen.I doubt seriously that they would ever even test for them,you know?just from my experience with these tests,if they told you that they found "something' it would not be vitamins.you really DO need to find out what it was they found as there have been cases of false positives turning up in peoples tests for alot of different reasons.they have to tell you what the drug is so they can offer you a chance to actually explain why it may be there,ya know?FB