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welcome unless you were already well established on some other xanax type med, I dont think you can accuse the doc of making you quit cold turkey, with the risks this brings

xanax or any other valium type med is most useful, you should have tried to get some during your ER visits, offer to take a drug screening test as they may think you are a benzo addict who is making up stories to get more

buspar is a tranquilliser of a different type and has a generally poor reputation, it needs to be taken daily and wont work until taken for about 10 days, the makers spend a fortune on advertising it to docs
I would be trying to get some other benzos, go back and ask at the ER
the makers of buspar admit its not helpful for panic attacks
docs usually prescribe the meds that are the most expensively advertised, rather than the meds that are the best