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Yes. The first time I had one, I thought I was having a heart attack... all the symptoms are similar. But, the dissociative (out of body feeling) symptoms are scarier to me. I had been to dentist a million times where i actually fell asleep during root canals, been around large groups of people and many social settings. Then all of a sudden.... BOOM.. A great PANIC fear of leaving the house, driving, being around people, it could hit me in the grocery store, or anywhere out of nowhere, it made no sense. I went to psychologist who suggested PANIC/ANXIETY... I had stress, but couldnt figure why this was happening to me... But, just like any problem I believe you need to get to the root cause, not mask with taking medications on a regular basis... I do believe however, in taking meds temporary. Have a headache take an aspirin. Have a panic attack.. at first you cannot control it, take a VALIUM was the way for me NOT XANAX. But not doping up on any med to prevent them. To me, thats not the answer, I was ready to quit my job immediately and become a hermit because if I was so scared of it.. I spoke with someone at work who had experienced this before herself. She said its ALL IN YOUR HEAD, YOU CAN TALK YOURSELF OUT OF IT, OR INTO IT.. the choice is yours. You need to take control of it, or it will control you.. Its not easy, but it can be done. It took time, and it does still come, but I make it go. Especially after I handle a great deal of stress mentally, it takes a few days/weeks for the body to catch up with a reaction. The best advise I can give, based on my personal experience is... Distract yourself, remind yourself you will be ok, and it will go away. It only intensifies when you start freaking out about it. The mind is a powerful thing.