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saw my Dr today and he decided that since i dont like taking 3mg of xanax daily (.75mg x 4 ) and the effects dont last that long for me (about 2hrs max) that it was time to switch me over to something that will last longer and that something is Valium.. 20mg a day one 10mg pill in the morning and one 10mg at night..

i am freaking out a little over this because i had zero side effects with the xanax and it did its job really well but it just wasnt lasting long enough.. and i cant afford Xanax XR because my insurance wont cover it so my DR said this would be the next best thing for me.. what worries me is i have never had Valium before and i dont know if it could cause me to have some of the listed side effects.. and i dont want something thats going to make me a zombie..

i know it is another benzo and they all do the same thing.. but are all benzos the same? meaning if i didnt have any bad effects with the xanax should i be ok with the Valium? i know no one on here can really say yes or no to this question because our bodies are all different but maybe someone has switched from one to the other and can share their exp with me.. (if your exp was really bad.. like go to the ER bad, please dont tell me because you know how the anxious mind works and ill fool myself into thinking i am having a bad reaction when i am really not) also does 20mg seem like a lot of Valium? i dont know the xanax to valium ratio in dose size.. also how long do the effects of valium last?
I've never taken Valium but I do take Xanax as needed and it works quite well for me. Like you, I would be freaking out if I were making a change because I know how I will feel with the Xanax. What if you went into this with the attitude that if you didn't like the way the Valium makes you feel, that you could always go back to what you were comfortable and used to (the Xanax). It might make you a little less anxious knowing that it's not all Valium or nothing.

Did your doctor have any concerns about the amount of Xanax you were taking daily?
there shouldnt be any problems but you may feel sedated or drunk for a while until you get used to the valium
clonazepam is generally the most popular long lasting benzo and is available a s a generic

IMO these benzo meds are best taken only as needed, we all have some days when we dont feel anxious
no concerns from my Dr. about the dose xanax i was/am taking he was the one who RXed it... he did tell me though that if the valium didnt agree with me i can call him and he will switch me back to the xanax.. i guess my fear is i dont even want to go through 1 bad day because of a med switch..
stupid? yeah a little.. but i have been doing so well i dont want to go backwards even for a day..
Well, if you've been doing so well on the Xanax, your doctor is comfortable with your dosage, maybe you should consider leaving things alone. I certainly understand your feelings of not wanting to have one bad day on a new med.

So have you taken the Valium or are you going to give it a try?