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Hi Bits :D (I like this face for you cuz it looks like horse teeth, he he)

Do you mean your PT put you in the traction machine???? But you just had a fusion surgery in February, right? Can they do that to ya, Bits? Yer still fusing? :confused:
I think I'm confused. I'm glad you feel better but I hope they aren't hurting you. :-/

I don't know, I saw my family doc today for some valium (having of all things a stinking ROOT CANAL tomorrow afternoon,) and he said the surgery could STILL work for my pain. So hang in there my friend. If he has hope, why can't we? :rolleyes:

I don't have a toothache at all but apparantly I have a crown that shouldn't have been put on w/out this rootcanal cuz the tooth died & the nerve root is infected way up high. Which is more than likely triggering my left side headache that had me in the emergency room dx as trigeminal neuralgia otherwise known as "Suicide Headache" Yikes was that aweful...there are not words to describe that pain..excrutiating might begin to... :eek:
So I'm dreading tomorrow but glad to be getting this taken care of!!! :p
I have a diagnosed backside cervical headache on the right where my discs are bad as well. But I'm wondering just where my "pain scale" numbers will be once this infection is gone. It's giving me hope.

I know I've said this before Miss Bits, but you & I just have to count our blessings I guess & be happy we have our babies & our hubbies & our lovely homes & we can walk & talk & eat & type. ;)
I hope your having an OK pain day today.

Keep in touch,
Jackie :wave:
Hi Ember,
Thanks for your note....I'll ask about the mylogram...don't know if they do those easily here or not? Thanks for the tip. :)
Yes Jackie a traction machine. I was drawing a blank at the name. She put me on it with light pull. It did feel better. My neck doesn't hurt right now but it did nothing for the arm/hand pain. But I am happy that it is helping with the neck.

I am happy I have my ds and can type, walk, talk and all that goes along with life. I love life and love the fact that I have been blessed. But remember even those who are basically happy have bad days and get down. Doesn't mean we are ungrateful just having a bad day.

I do hope that your headache issue is resolved with the root canal. I had two of them a few years ago. I didn't have much tooth pain but a bit. I really didn't have any pain post canal. I hope the valium works too. I am curious how your pain level will be too, if it is mostly the headache maybe it will get lots better :bouncing: .