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i called Mylan Pharmaceuticals today to check and see if indeed they had released a generic version of Xanax XR.. and it is true and on the market now.. so looks like i am gonna be calling my pharmacy a little later to see if they stock it or can order it..

i know some of my other meds i get from them are from mylan so i am hoping they are able to get it or stock it... i liked the way xanax XR worked for me but my insurance wont cover it and i couldnt afford to keep paying for it out of pocket so now that there is a generic out i probably could afford it even if my insurance wont cover it.. being a person that needs benzos daily to function this is great news to me 1 pill a day instead of 4 and no more ups and downs with the short lasting version.. and i dont really care for the valium i got switched to... makes me feel like a zombie.. so i think a call to my DR is in order also..