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well i made the switch from xanax to valium as my Dr suggested.. on the valium i feel kind of zonked out.. and have lots of brain fog.. some balance issues.. i was switched from 3mg of xanax a day to 20mg of valium a day.. i feel a little on edge but i am not craving the xanax or anything.. i think i am just "on edge" because i am still a little worried about the med switch..
i guess i am just looking for some people that have either been on valium before or been switched to it, to tell me "thats just how valium makes some people feel at first".. any input would be helpful..
It could be the switch.

It also could be a little bit of withdrawl.

The equivelancy chart has it like this:

.5mg Xanax=5mg Valium.

1mg Xaxax=10mg Valium

and you were on 3mg of Xanax

3mg of Xanax=30mg of Valium.

You could be experiencing some withdrawl symptoms since the dose is a little lower for the Valium.

There are other equiv. charts, but my psych and one that I communicate via phone/email says that the chart I just gave you is widely accepted as the chart to use to get equiv. dosing.
brainfog or sedation is common when swapping from 1 benzo to another, in my experience, it shouldnt last long
being longer acting, the valium should need taking less often
I take valium when needed. When I started it seemed to make me tired and calm me down, now it takes the edge of. When I do have one its one 5mg tab. I have also had xanax, for me they work the same way as valium.