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Hi Krazy, ("Krazy "AS" a what? by the way? :-))

Yeah, the "genes" that don't "wash out" are great! My sister has been an emotional basket case most of her life. She says Lexapro works well for her (well, as good as anything can for her....poor thing) maybe I'll give it a whirl. Valium was my mom's drug of choice. Took 20 mg a day for 23 years, then the bozo that prescribed them for her took her off cold turkey. REALLY MESSED HER UP! She got back on, but the damage was done. She is 75 and still kickin' (sort of).

I feel bad because I have 2 great kids and I feel as though I can't be a good enough Dad because of all this. My wife thinks I need to find a good med, but I still want to rule out physical problems before I go that route. I sometimes think I may be mildly bi-polar, since when I feel good (which isn't very often) I feel REAL good. Usually, I just play the part of engaging court jester, and suffer in silence.

Regards, Brenden.